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Please use our collection below with some of the most common questions from our clients and community. If you do not find the question or answer you're looking for, please do reach out to our Client Care Representatives who are eager to help you.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a necessary hormone that our bodies naturally produce. One of testosterone's important responsibilities is muscle growth. When we exercise, our bodies naturally produce testosterone, and that's how our muscles grow. Small amounts of testosterone yield small muscle growth, while incrementally more testosterone yields more muscle growth, and everything in between. Muscle growth dramatically increases our metabolism, which reduces body fat. Testosterone also redistributes body fat, reducing fat in problem areas such as our abdomen, and shapes our body into aesthetically pleasing form. Testosterone imbues a sense of well being, confidence, and enhances mental acuity. This beneficial hormone used to be difficult to obtain and expensive, but is paving the way for testosterone to be more available for as little as $20 a week.

How do I know what my testosterone level is, and what it means?

Testosterone is measured in nanograms per milliliter of blood. The important concept to understand is, low numbers indicate low testosterone in your blood, and high numbers mean high amounts of testosterone in your blood. The testosterone scale generally ranges from 0 to 1500, and below 300 is defined as medically low testosterone. A very large percentage of the male population falls within the 500-1000 range. Although no optimal range is officially defined, defines optimal range as 800-1000. Most people in modern times have a testosterone level below 800, and therefore operate at a sub-optimal level. A simple blood test from a doctor's office or lab can show your testosterone level.

How does sub-optimal testosterone impact me?

Sub-optimal testosterone can cause: lethargy, lack of energy and ambition, build up of body fat in problem areas, and poor muscle tone. When we conceptualize our version of an ideal physique, we picture an iconic man that we would choose to emulate (i.e. Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Craig, etc.). Although they work hard to obtain their look, they also have the genetic advantage of an optimal testosterone level that most others do not possess. With a sub-optimal testosterone level, you may feel fine, but it may be impossible to look and feel your best. In fact, you may not have realized that you can easily look and feel much better, and with an optimal testosterone level, you can more closely approximate the look of the icon you adore.

How do I get Testosterone? Where does it come from (is it safe)? Isn't it illegal?

Testosterone is legally and legitimately prescribed throughout the United States for aiding conditions of: lethargy, depression, unwanted body fat, difficulty gaining muscle mass, virility, libido, poor body image, and more. testosterone is made in the United States by pharmaceutical companies under strict guidelines for safety from the FDA. works with medical doctors that meticulously analyze each individual's blood work and medical file to ensure testosterone is safe and right for you. As long as testosterone is taken as directed, and not abused, it is safe for those to which it is prescribed.

How do I take it?

Testosterone, the chemical compound that your body naturally produces, is most efficiently administered through an intramuscular injection.  This mild injection is no more onerous than a flu shot, and can be taken in seconds.  Injections are generally taken once a week.  There are derivatives of testosterone that can be taken orally, but oral derivatives of testosterone tend to be liver toxic, and should not be taken for long periods of time.  Injected testosterone bypasses the liver, and when taken moderately, does not present a problem during sustained, long term use.  Complete video tutorials on proper injection procedure can be viewed on the site.  Other forms of testosterone administration are routinely researched and will be made available upon compliance with standards of safety.

What should I expect in terms of: side effects, timeline of noticeable changes, physical/physiological impacts?

When taken moderately, most prescribed users of testosterone will not experience any negative side effects.  However, because testosterone converts to estrogen in the body, a small percentage of users may notice minor symptoms of gynecomastia (sore or swollen breast tissue), or minor water retention.  Contemporary evidence shows that estrogen has many beneficial and protective features.  Therefore, the team will coach each customer methods to mitigate estrogen side effects without medical intervention.  However, to combat these effects, every testosterone user can be prescribed an aromatase inhibitor, a fast acting highly effective anti-estrogen, to keep on hand and taken if necessary.  Aromatase Inhibitors will completely negate any side effects that may occur due to increased levels of estrogen.  Because contemporary evidence and understanding indicates that estrogen has many protective and necessary functions, even in males, it is unnecessary to treat high estrogen levels unless there are adverse symptoms.

After the first injection, noticeable physical and physiological changes will be observed in 3 to 4 weeks.  These results will include: gain in muscle mass, increased libido, increased energy, increased confidence, and sense of well-being.  These results can be controlled and dialed in to the user's preference over time.

Should I make, or, do I have to make lifestyle changes (exercise, diet, etc.)?

Although results will be gained purely from the use of testosterone, an exercise regimen and diet will exponentially increase the effectiveness of testosterone. has partnered with trainers and dieticians, thereby affording many different options on our website to help you reach your goals and yield optimal results. customers do not have to worry about becoming too muscular, or the results being too extreme, because part of the experience includes continued customer consultations and support to dial in results exactly to the customer's preference.

Truth v. Myth - Roid Rage/Aggression, Shrinkage, Acne/Hair Loss

In the 1950's, propaganda regarding marijuana called "Reefer Madness" led people to believe that marijuana would cause insanity and death.  "Reefer Madness" drove a mass hysteria that was the impetus behind the harsh marijuana laws and regulations of our recent history.  Today, we know that marijuana is not particularly harmful, and that it can be beneficial to many, which is the motive behind new laws of decriminalization.  The myths and stigma created by "Reefer Madness" in the 1950's took 60 years to debunk and deregulate, so the masses could finally benefit from this potentially helpful herb.

Testosterone has undergone a similar fate in which myth and stigma of the 1980's and 90's led to the creation of laws and regulations that transcended the reality of its relatively innocuous and beneficial nature.  

Roid Rage/Aggression - In the early 90's, an after school special depicted Ben Affleck using anabolic steroids and turning in to a short tempered, rage induced, hulk-like personality, wreaking havoc to the environment and people around him.  It is a myth that testosterone can create temperament and aggression that could cause one to rage out of control.  Testosterone, when used in moderation, may mildly exacerbate pre-existing conditions.  If you have a temper, testosterone will not change that, and if you have a benevolent disposition, testosterone will not change that either.  Testosterone induces confidence.  Confident people exude a straight forward and direct persona, and do not allow themselves to be walked on or subjugated.  Those who are used to having people walk all over them, and have commenced a testosterone regimen, may exude confidence and begin to stand up for themselves.  Testosterone, however, will not create an aggressive person where one did not previously exist.  

Shrinking Of Male Genitalia - It is a myth that testosterone will cause the penis to shrink.  Exogenous testosterone causes the testicles to cease producing natural testosterone.  This may cause mild atrophy of the testicles.  This effect is usually not noticeable.

Hair Loss/Acne - It is a myth that testosterone will cause you lose your hair and give you acne.  As stated earlier, when taken moderately, testosterone may mildly exacerbate pre-existing conditions.  If you do not possess a genetic predisposition for hair loss or acne, testosterone will not cause you to lose hair or give you acne.  If you do have a genetic predisposition for hair loss, testosterone will not cause sudden baldness, but it may slowly and mildly exacerbate the condition.  Bravo offers hair loss treatments, such as Propecia, that will mitigate any hair loss effects.  If you do not have a genetic predisposition for acne (if you did not have acne as a teenager), testosterone will not cause any acne.  Any acne exacerbated by testosterone is usually mild and temporary.  It is not the hormone itself that may cause acne, it is the change in hormone level.  So, once your hormone levels even out, the acne recedes.  If needed, acne can be treated with antibiotics.

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